• Affects of Sauna on Covid 19 and other.
    All of our Mobile saunas are disinfected before each rental. We constantly check for CDC updates and take all necessary steps to make sure our customers are safe. Enveloped viruses such as SAR-CoV-2 are sensitive to heat and are destroyed by temperatures tolerable to humans. All mammals use fever to deal with infections and heat has been used throughout human history in the form of hot springs, saunas, hammams, steam-rooms, sweat-lodges, steam inhalations, hot mud and poultices to prevent and treat respiratory infections and enhance health and wellbeing. This paper reviews the evidence for using heat to treat and prevent viral infections and discusses potential cellular, physiological and psychological mechanisms of action. In the initial phase of infection, heat applied to the upper airways can support the immune system’s first line of defence by supporting muco-ciliary clearance and inhibiting or deactivating virions where they first lodge. This may be further enhanced by the inhalation of steam containing essential oils with anti-viral, mucolytic and anxiolytic properties. Heat applied to the whole body can further support the immune system’s second line of defence by mimicking fever and activating innate and acquired immune defences and building physiological resilience. Heat-based treatments also offer psychological benefits and enhanced mental wellness by focusing attention on positive action, enhancing relaxation and sleep, inducing 'forced-mindfulness', and invoking the power of positive thinking and ‘remembered wellness’. Heat is a cheap, convenient and widely accessible therapeutic modality and while no clinical protocols exist for using heat to treat COVID-19, protocols that draw from traditional practices and consider contraindications, adverse effects and infection control measures could be developed and implemented rapidly and inexpensively on a wide scale. While there are significant challenges in implementing heat-based therapies during the current pandemic, these therapies present an opportunity to integrate natural medicine, conventional medicine and traditional wellness practices, and support the wellbeing of both patients and medical staff, while building community resilience and reducing the likelihood and impact of future pandemics. There are a range of heat-based interventions that can be used alongside other personal hygiene measures to aid in overcoming COVID-19. For example, warming and humidifying indoor environments can prevent drying of the nasal mucosa, increase muco-ciliary clearance and nasal patency, and provide symptomatic relief (Ophir & Elad, 1987). The direct application of heat to the upper airways, routinely or at the first signs of infection, may further serve to inhibit or deactivate virions in the place where they first lodge. This has been demonstrated in vitro with temperatures of 45°C for 20 minutes activating immune cells, releasing HSPs and suppressing rhinovirus multiplication by more than 90% (Conti et al., 1999). The inhalation of steam with added essential oils with anti-viral, decongestant, anxiolytic and other properties, may further assist in facilitating muco-ciliary clearance and reducing viral load as well as providing physical and psychological relief ( Ali et al., 2015; Lee et al., 2017). Heat is one of oldest forms of microbial control and still remains one of the most common methods for controlling and eradicating pathogens. The temperatures achieved within a sauna are well within the range required for pathogen control and often exceed temperatures of 60°C for 30 min, 65°C for 15 min or 80°C for 1 min, which have been shown to reduce coronavirus infectivity by at least 4 log10 ( Kampf et al., 2020). While the temperatures, humidity and times required to specifically deactivate SAR-CoV-2 in vivo are yet to be determined, the temperature within a sauna makes risk of cross infection in public sauna facilities highly unlikely. Source: The National Center for Biotechnology Information


  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
    According to a report by Harvard Medical School, a trip to your outdoor sauna will likely increase your pulse by 30% or more and almost twice as much blood will pump through you heart. It’s almost like a workout, but it doesn’t always come with a rise in blood pressure. Some studies have indicated that just two weeks of using a sauna daily can improve vascular function as a result. Most importantly, the university notes that saunas are safe for most people—including those with certain heart issues, but recommends that people touch base with their doctors before using one if they have concerns.
  • Reduced Stroke Risk
    Naturally, when cardio health is improved, stroke risk tends to go down too. However, researchers ran a study to confirm this, and it deserves its own point.


  • Do you Deliver?
    Yes, we will provide white glove delivery for free in a radius of 20 miles from our location. Delivery to further locations are available and could be done for an additional fee. Please give us a call at (844)–633-3783 or email to for additional inquiries.
  • Is Self-Pickup Available?
    No. White Glove Delivery only.
  • How long does it typically take to heat up sauna?
    A lot would depend on weather conditions. If Windy or very cold, it may take a bit longer. Typically, it would take 30-45 minutes to reach temperatures of 135-150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • What is the best wood to start and heat up sauna?
    Hardwoods like birch, cherry or oak are best as they will burn longer and produce less smoke. We will provide all required firewood for your rental.
  • How long does installation of mobile sauna take?
    Secure installation of our sauna in desired location, should not take more than 15 minutes but may depend on elevation, landscape, and quality of surface. Please make sure you have flat, even surface free of debris and easily accessible. Failure to provide easily accessible and free of debris surface might result in additional charges. If our personnel must spend additional time to help clean up and prepare surface for installation, their time onsite will be billed at $125/hour.
  • How much wood does it take to prepare sauna?
    Usually, it would take 4–6 logs of wood to reach temperatures of 135–150 °F. At this point you can start enjoying the sauna. Please consult your physician before using sauna to make sure there are no health risk associated with it for you. If you are on certain medications, like diuretics or beta blockers you should not use sauna.
  • How to use sauna brews?
    • The temperature in the sauna must be +70°C  or +80°C, if the temperature is +90°V or +100°C you can feel the burnt aroma.
      • Pour 1–3 liters of boiling water into a tub or special steamer (pan or basin). Put the sack (sauna brew) with the desired kind of herb in it and wait 15-20 minutes
    • Carefully remove the sack with a ladle and leave it for a while in the sauna, the herb will emit a fragrance and give off phytoncides and essential oils into the air. To get a strong infusion, press the sack carefully.
    • Before each watering of the infusion, it is recommended to cool the stones with cold water! Pour clean pure cold water on the stones. After 15–20 seconds, when the steam dissipates, splash the resulting herbal infusion on the stones with a ladle and enjoy the natural aroma. If you feel a burnt smell, then cool the stones again.
    • The procedure can be repeated several times.
    • It is recommended to pour the infusion over the body and hair at the end of sauna procedures. The sack can be used 2-3 times, but you have to dry it.
    • Mint – May boost feelings of attention to detail, memory and visual motor response. When Mixed with Eucalyptus can provide relaxing sensation to muscles and the mind. May soothe sore muscles.
    • Meadowsweet – May help Fight respiratory infections, helps ease joint pain. May help fight skin inflammation. Considered to be sacred by Celtic cultures.
    • Eucalyptus – May relieve cold symptoms, treat dry skin. May reduce pain and promote relaxation.
    • Lavender – May relieve anxiety and improve your mood. May help you sleep better and fight insomnia.
    • Fir – Releives Arthritis pain, treats bronchitis, fights cold symptoms, treats cough, may relieve muscle pain and rheumatic symptoms.
    • Juniper – May help fight Arthritis, may relieve cramps, may act as an Astringent, helps overcome fatigue and dizziness and depression.