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Instructions for Operation

• Open the stove’s glass door and stack up 3-5 logs. 

• Close the door to make sure the wood logs are not obstructing the door. You should be able to securely close and lock the door. 

• Open stove’s glass door again and place 1 or 2 flints that were provided inside the stove. The flints should be placed on top of the bottom layer of wood and under the top logs. 

• Light up the flint(s), close stove’s glass door, and open the ash bin about 2 inches to create a full draft. 

• Once the wooden logs are lit and the fire is strong (approximately 10-15 minutes), please close the ash bin almost all the way, with approximately a quarter of an inch open. Once the desired temperature is reached, you can fully close the ash bin. 

• Keep adding wood as needed to maintain the desired temperature in the sauna. Please do not overheat the sauna. Make sure the pipe between the rocks does not stay red for more than 10 minutes at a time, as it might cause the pipe to expand and damage the pipe. 

• Depending on the weather conditions, the sauna should reach 135-150 degrees Fahrenheit within 45 minutes. At this point you can start enjoying the sauna. 

• We recommend temperatures of 160-175 degrees for platza treatment. Oak, birch and eucalyptus bath brooms and Veniki can be purchased directly from our website. 

Sauna maintenance

Do not extinguish the fire inside the stove once you are done. Leave the stove door closed until the fire and all embers die out. 

• Do not attempt to clean the stove right away as it will be extremely hot. Wait several hours before cleaning the stove grate. Use a stick, small shovel, or another tool to move all ashes and coals through the grate to the ash bin. 

• Once you have determined that all ashes and other burned material is no longer hot, please empty those materials from the ash bin into a garbage bag or can and re-insert the ash bin back into place. 

• You must perform the above tasks before each subsequent sauna use. 


Sauna Rules

Sauna Etiquette

Please do not enter the sauna with dirty footwear. Clean flip flops or slippers can be used inside. 

• No food or drinks are allowed inside the sauna. 

• No smoking or vaping is allowed inside the sauna. 

• Please do not use the sauna to dry wet towels or clothes as it is unsanitary and may result in fire and/or injuries. 

• Please use towels to cover benches when sitting or lying down in the sauna. 

• Please do not pour any oils, beer, or other liquids on the rocks except for water or alcohol-based essences. Steam On Wheels provides a range of oils and alcohol-based essences like Pine, Eucalyptus, or Lavender, which could be purchased on our website. Oils can be used to sprinkle on the walls of the sauna after mixing a few drops with water. 

• No soap or scrubs are allowed inside the sauna. 

• Please refrain from dumping large buckets of water inside the sauna. 


Sauna Safety

Please protect your hair. Proper hats, gloves and other sauna apparel can be purchased separately on our website. 

• Do not consume alcohol before or during sauna sessions. 

• No smoking or vaping is allowed inside the sauna. 

• If you are pregnant, have preexisting health conditions, or take certain types of medication, such as diuretics or beta blockers, please consult your physician before using the sauna. 

• Please exercise caution when entering and exiting our mobile units, especially during wintertime. Snow and ice might form on the structure and become dislodged, potentially causing an injury. If you see ice or snow form on the roof of the mobile unit, please clear it before use. Please exercise caution when clearing snow or ice to avoid injury or damage to the roof of the unit. 

• Do not spend excessive amounts of time in the sauna. If you feel dizzy or otherwise uncomfortable, please exit the sauna immediately and get some fresh air. 

• We recommend removing watches or other jewelry to prevent burns. 

• Never fall asleep in the sauna or use it alone. 

• Do not use anything but wood for heating the stove. Steam on Wheels will provide you with enough wood for a 4–6-hour session and the proper materials and/or equipment to start a fire. Additional wood can be purchased on our website. 

• In the event of an uncontrolled fire outside of the sauna’s stove, please use the fire extinguisher provided. The fire extinguisher is located in the changing room. 

• Please exercise extreme caution when placing firewood into the heater. Use protective gloves for your hands to avoid burn injuries. 

Return Policy:

No Return, No Refund, No Exchange



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